vegan lifestyle coaching

Converting from a carnivorous diet to a plant-based diet can sometimes be overwhelming, or sometimes very easy. It's important in both cases to learn how to gain the best possible nutrition, to find foods that satisfy you during the transition, and to be assured that you are not missing anything important by only eating plants. You will be giving up all the harmful foods that cause disease, and adopting a new diet that will enhance your health and your life.

I no longer charge any fees for my service.  I am willing to work with you to any extent you want...from a few questions or a long term relationship of guidance and support.  Please feel free to ask me for any advice you feel you may need.  When you go Vegan, you are doing the single most important thing you can can do for yourself , for the animals, and for the planet.

Whether you want to transition to Veganism permanently, or integrate healthier plant-based habits into your life, I can help you take the next step. Contact me to learn more.